Website Translation & Communicate live with consumers individual in over 103 languages directly from your website!

          An Evangeline Studio exclusive custom designed website is truly a "Powerful Masterpiece"!  Every page is elegantly crafted to meet all of the functionality requirements of  your business|organization.  As a result we design what we call a "Virtual Hub" or "Virtual Store".  This hub is an actual place where you can post and display descriptive text, photos, videos and other multimedia presentations about the organization.  

          We uniquely design every page to give your users a virtual experience of your organization.  You will  have to ability to visually notice and directly communicate live with every consumer individually as they enter your "Virtual Hub".  If you think that is amazing, your "Virtual Hub" will also enable your consumers to view the entire website in their native language.  Wait!  There is even more,  your consumers will also be able to directly communicate with you live in their native language directly from your website, therefore allowing every nationality to experience your brand.

            An Evangeline Studio website is exclusively customized to the visual and operational needs of your business as well as your customers.  Our professional team of Web Developers, Writers and Graphic Designers, publish Exclusive, First-class, Apex quality content only!  We assure your customers and users will find your website professionally refreshing as they experience visual joy and pleasure with it's Iconic design and easy navigational system.  Our goal is to assure your brand is taken seriously.


You yield a far greater return on your investment when you hire an expert to develop and publish your website.

Mobile Responsive Web Design (RWD)

     Why is it important to Have a Mobile Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

         The Huffington Post states that one-quarter of the world wide web searches, over a billion users, are performed on mobile devices.  A year later, in the 2015 Hummingbird Update,  Google stated that mobile devices will be the future of searching.  Therefore, all websites that lack  a mobile responsive web design (RWD),  will suffer in the search engine page rankings

          In present day 2017, it has been reported over 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices.  Many fly-by-night, so-called web designers are manipulating and convincing consumers their websites are mobile responsive when actually they aren't.  Those are actually mobile optimized websites which only adjust down to a dissimilar mobile type layout on a mobile phone but does not adjust to tablets, pad, etc.   "A true mobile responsive designed website will adjust to the screen of any internet media device no matter the size.  It will  display the identical content layout as the desktop version.  Evangeline Studio's  experienced website development team will formulate a unique website that is completely user friendly, mobile responsive and consistent with the desktop view, which fosters loyalty and trust with your website users.    Always remember, we are the best at what we do!   "Image is Everything!"

More google searches take place on mobile devices than computers in the United States, says Google.

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